9Active (previously Tri Sport Arabia) was the first online store in the Middle East dedicated to selling triathlon products. The company's main aim is to bring quality brands of endurance sports to the Arab market, and make it convenient for everyone to have access to variety.

When Alameda Tri Team was launched, one crucial element was to provide our athletes with the best equipment and kit. Having 9Active's support from the very beginning meant that our athletes could always depend on having top quality gear to help them be competitive on the international field.

Being a subsidiary of Endurance Distribution Ltd, an established company representing some of the best cycling and triathlon brands in the world, means that 9Active's input into the team is of true value to everyone in the team. Even with our community projects, 9Active are able to provide us with some good quality bikes to donate to those who need them, making this a true and complete partnership.

So, whenever you see our athletes looking good and using the best equipment, it is mostly thanks to 9Active and their amazing products!

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