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Triathlon Awareness Year 2016

London, UK, 29th December 2015


London, UK, 29th December 2015: Alameda o.n. Triathlon team is happy to share its exciting plans for 2016! The year shall see the launch of a few projects, with the main aim of raising awareness about the sport of triathlon across the Arab region, helping making it more reachable by as many people as possible.

“We have spent 2015 preparing the ground for what is to come. 2016 shall be the start of a few of our very exciting projects!” said Hassan Afifi, Team Principal. “Our ultimate goal is to make triathlon ‘the’ Arab and African sport, and to achieve this, we have to make sure that most people across our region know about triathlon and triathletes, and follow triathlon events regularly,” added Afifi.

The projects that Alameda o.n. Triathlon Team will be starting during January 2016, with the help of partners in the region, will include the following:

- Age-group Club, which will be focused on helping amateurs in many ways, including training programmes, training camps, discounts on race registration fees worldwide, and more privileges from the Team and its sponsors.

- Female Community, with the aim to encourage as many women and girls as possible from across the region to participate in the sport. Some community member privileges will include regular female-only training sessions locally across the Arab region, female-only training camps, advice from our professional female athletes, special section for fully-covered (veiled) ladies, and much more!

- Triathlon Events, from races to local fun triathlons, the Team will be involved in the organisation of several events across the region during 2016, bringing the sport closer to some people who would have never otherwise been able to go far to participate, in addition to improving the quality of some races.

- Triathlon Academies, which is a project aimed at introducing children to triathlon in a fun way, getting them into healthy habits, and identifying talent for future development.

- Grassroots Initiative, which is a project to start towards the end of the first quarter of 2016, is going to involve the Team travelling to some of the most underprivileged areas in the Middle East and North Africa, talking about health and sports, and helping out those who want to participate in the sport but do not have the means.

Through the official sponsorship agreement between the Team and the Arab Triathlon Confederation, which has been in place since the inception of the Team, most of these projects will be done in association with and under the supervision of the Arab Triathlon Confederation. “Our arrangement with the Arab Triathlon Confederation enables us to share our knowledge and expertise in an official capacity and at areas that need it, while ensuring we do not put any financial burden on governments in the region” explained Afifi.

About the projects starting in 2016, Afifi said that “in addition to the projects we are announcing now, we shall still be working on some other very exciting initiatives, which will be revealed in due course. Our goals are ambitious, and for us to be able to achieve them, we need to make sure triathlon becomes a really well known and loved sport very soon, and this means that we have to work on many fronts at the same time to get there.”

The Team’s athletes, both elite and development, will have some active roles in these projects in different capacities throughout the year. The athletes will also be getting more support to help them achieve their sporting goals for 2016 and beyond.

Alameda o.n. Triathlon Team also starts 2016 with a modified look, with a change in team colours, matching the identity of the main title sponsor, Alameda Healthcare.

More details about the projects mentioned here are available on request, and will be available on the Team website and social media once they are fully operational.

Ongoing updates about the team are available through the team’s website & social media pages:

  - Website: http://www.alamedaontriteam.com/

  - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AlamedaonTriTeam

  - Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlamedaOn

  - Instagram: http://instagram.com/alamedaontriteam

  - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Alamedaontriteam1/videos

  - Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/alamedaontriteam


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