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Signing New Paratriathlete For The Pro Team

Dubai, UAE, 1st March 2015


Dubai, UAE, 1st March 2015: Alameda o.n. Triathlon Team is delighted to announce the amazing Mohamed Lahna has joined the team! The 32 year-old paratriathlete, after already achieving some great sporting goals, is currently seeking to qualify for the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro.

The hurdles he has had to overcome, so far, to get to where he is today is just a great testament to how tough and determined Mohamed is. Born without a right femur, this has never stopped him from doing the sports he loved.

Mohamed started as a swimmer, he didn’t get to ride a bike until very recently, when a friend was able to make him a suitable leg to use on the bike, and didn’t run until even later. Making up for lost time on the bike, he hasn’t stopped riding, and coming from a swimming background, he decided to just participate in both sports, as well as running, once he discovered triathlon.

Having been told that he wasn’t able to run the final part of a triathlon due to his condition, this did not phase him, and after 3 years, he was able to run the final part of a triathlon. “In 2011, I was fitted with a running prosthesis and proved myself wrong: I could run! I came in second place at the 2011 International Triathlon World Championships Finals in Beijing (category Tri 2) and have medaled at various other ITU events,” said Mohamed.

Mohamed did not just run, but he went on to complete one of the toughest running adventures on the planet, the epic ‘Marathon des Sables’, to become only the second disabled person ever to complete the 250 gruelling kilometres across the Sahara over 6 days!

Mohamed Lahna is joining Alameda o.n. Triathlon Team as a professional triathlete. He shares the team’s vision of mentoring young athletes to try and achieve their dreams of becoming world and Olympic champions, encouraging more people across the Arab region to take on the sport of triathlon as well as a healthy and active lifestyle. He also wants to see attitudes towards disabled athletes, and disabled people in general, become more positive in the region.

From 2008, Mohamed’s paratriathlon achievements have been impressive, to include several first place and podium finishes in some great races, such as a couple of the ITU World Championship finals. He has also completed the Ironman World Championship, at Kona, Hawaii, in 2014.

With the inclusion of Mohamed, Alameda o.n. Triathlon Team feels like a more complete team, representing the Arab world in paratriathlon, and mentoring young athletes to help them achieve their dreams!


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