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Footballer Hazem Emam New Team Ambassador

Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, 8th April 2016


Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, 8th April 2016: Alameda o.n. Triathlon Team is excited to announce the involvement of one of the most highly valued football players in the Middle East as the team ambassador. Hazem Emam, former Egypt football team captain, will be involved with the team to help raise awareness of the sport in the Arab region.

“We are absolutely delighted to have Hazem Emam as an ambassador for Alameda o.n. Tri Team to help raise awareness of the sport of triathlon in the Arab region,” said Hassan Afifi, Team Principal. “In our efforts to deliver the message of a healthy lifestyle through sport, we couldn’t find a much better fit to this message than one of the most respected and highly valued sportspeople in the region. Hazem’s spotless reputation throughout his sporting career and until today, being a role model to millions across the Middle East and Africa, is one of the best ways to reflect the values of our Team, and we are confident that more people will get the message that sport and healthy living don’t stop at a certain age or at a specific point in a person’s sporting career,” added Afifi.

Hazem Emam’s involvement with the Team will include him getting involved in the Team’s different projects, such as the Grassroots events, training camps and triathlon events organised by the Team.

On his involvement with this project, Hazem Emam said: “It gives me great pleasure to be an ambassador for Alameda o.n. Tri Team, promoting the sport of triathlon, and I'm very excited about this collaboration opportunity. I strongly believe in the sport as it’s not only an Olympic sport, but it also promotes a fit and healthy lifestyle. We aim to raise awareness of the sport and its athletes, as to inspire people of all ages to lead a positive athletic lifestyle.”

Although triathlon has been an Olympic event since the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, the sport is still not very well known to many in the Arab region. It is a very exciting sport, with different distances suited to different abilities. It consists of swimming, cycling and running, all done in immediate succession without stopping, with the winner of a race being the first to cross the line. Participation is not limited by age, and children can start as little as 8 years old, and some of the oldest recorded triathlete have been at an age of over 80 years old.

Alameda o.n. Triathlon Team will be releasing videos and updates about Hazem’s journey in the sport of triathlon, as well as more educational videos to better explain the sport of triathlon to the masses.


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