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Announcing The Arab Triathlon Team

Chicago, USA, 20th September 2015


– Announcing The Arab Triathlon Team –

Chicago, USA, 20th September 2015: Alameda o.n. Triathlon team, as part of its main efforts to develop triathlon in the Arab region, has agreed with the Arab Triathlon Confederation to help create and manage a team of triathletes representing the Arab region.

The Arab Triathlon Team, which falls under the Arab Triathlon Confederation, will be completely sponsored by Alameda o.n. Triathlon Team. The sponsorship will go on to cover the full financial, logistical and organisational needs of the Arab Triathlon Team, as well as help in many other ways.

The Arab Triathlon Team will include both professional and development athletes from within the Arab region. The professional athletes on the team are:

- Lawrence Fanous (Jordan)

- Omar Nour (Egypt)

- Mohamed Lahna (Morocco) - paratriathlete PT2

The team will start with the following development athletes:

- Emira Jarrar (Tunisia) - 12 years old

- Fatma Hagras (Egypt) - 19 years old

- Khaled Essam (Egypt) - 18 years old

- Mohamed Khaled (Egypt) - 23 years old

- Rehab Hamdy (Egypt) - 16 years old

- Sameera AlBitar (Bahrain) - 25 years old

The coaching crew responsible for the development team will be headed by former World and European champion and two-time Olympian, Michelle Dillon, who has an amazing track record in coaching developing triathletes to world-class level.

In addition to the financial and logistical support, Alameda o.n. Triathlon Team will provide the Arab development triathletes with full access to the elite triathletes on the team, including 4 X world champion Leanda Cave, and long-distance rising star Eimear Mullan, in order to make use of their experience and knowledge.

To start off the Arab Triathlon Team, the development athletes and the coaching crew have spent the two weeks leading up to the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Chicago at a training camp in the Red Sea in order to get introduced to each other and to start the training programmes, followed by traveling to Chicago to participate in the different races and to officially announce the Team to the world.

“Alameda o.n. Triathlon Team was created to develop the sport of triathlon in the Arab region to reach world-class level. A major step towards this goal was to assist the Arab Triathlon Confederation in its plans to create a select Arab Triathlon Team,” said Alameda o.n. Triathlon Team principal, Hassan Afifi. “With the depth of knowledge and experience of our professional athletes and our development coaches, and with the backing of our sponsors, Alameda Healthcare Holdings and TriSportArabia, we were able to reach a formula by which we could support the Arab Triathlon Confederation's vision to start the programme to improve the sport in the region,” explained Afifi.

The team will be looking to increase the number of development athletes from within the Arab region over the following months, with other programmes to encourage more participation to be announced soon.


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