To join the Team, you first need to make yourself familiar with the Alameda Triathlon training system. Please click here to find out more.

Once you have understood our training system, you can choose the path most suitable for you and follow it to achieve any of the following:

1.Elite Team: Athletes to be considered from the "Elite 2" level only.

2. First Team: Athletes to be considered from the "Elite 1" level only.

3. Supported Athlete: Athletes at "C3" level may be considered for partial support from Alameda Tri Team. Applications are compared and resources are distributed according to assessments against other applicants.

4. Age-Group Member: Join as an Alameda Tri Team Member and receive a range of exclusive benefits such as:

  • Exclusive Alameda Tri Team kit

  • Regular prize draws for free entry to races

  • A welcome pack with some Alameda Tri Team memorabilia

  • Access to Members' only triathlon support

  • Access to Members' events and training camps with the Elite and First Teams

  • A yearly Grand Prize draw for all-expenses-paid epic triathlon trip!

  • Alameda Triathlon Academy members are joined automatically into this programme with some additional privileges!

First Team - Alameda Tri Team
Elite Team - Alameda Tri Team
Alameda Triathlon Academy


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