Celebrating Youssra's birthday!

26 June 2017

Impossible is not a fact, it's an opinion! 

This is not usual, but today we are celebrating the birthday of a very important member of our team, our Academies Manager, Youssra Abou El Naga. We are proud of her presence, not only because she is an inspiration to all of us, but because of the good spirit she brings to the academy members. It is this spirit that makes the team feel more like a family. Our team members are not just picked for their top technical aspects (which are a must), but also for their amazing stories and their huge inspiration to others. Youssra's story is unique and inspiring to all who learn about it, so we have chosen to celebrate it with everyone on her special day.

Youssra's life changing events started when she was at the sensitive age of seventeen. She faced a painful accident, after which she could not practice her natural life for a whole year! During this year, she could neither walk nor move her arm. After that, she had one surgery after another in the hope that she would get back to a normal life. Three months later, her father, who was in charge of her family, unfortunately passed away.

From here the challenge of facing the hardships of life had begun, the 18-year-old began her career on crutches, when she had to work at this young age! Youssra started her Engineering studies at Cairo University, which was another obstacle, where she had to live alone in Cairo, while the family was in Hurghada! All this did not stop her from achieving her goals, but it increased her determination and diligence! For example, Youssra had to learn to use her left hand for writing. She was always looking for the best until she graduated from university.

The turning point was when she wanted her body to work normally. She started looking for solutions on her own until she realised that sport could help her achieve this. Fifteen years of perseverance, effort and research in addition to hard work, Youssra was able to live almost normally after she wasn't able to climb one step of the ladder. And then, after 20 years of torment and exhaustion, five strokes of the foot after the accident, and after a lot of operations, Youssra chose a sport that would surprise everyone when they hear her story! Youssra decided to practice the hardest sport at all; triathlon! Yes, she participated in many small races! Not only this, but this wonderful woman decided also to enter into another challenge! And it is taking part in a Half Ironman race; yes she has already participated in her first half Ironman in Dubai 2017, and was able to accomplish it in a very good time six hours and 15 minutes! Yes, Youssra's hard life didn't prevent her from achieving all these goals and was able to reach the finish line of one of the most difficult competitions at all! Iron Man Races!

On the other hand, Youssra continued her great job helping and supporting every athlete in our academy to be the best they could be, and doing her job in a very professional way.

Thanks a million Coach Youssra for all the great work you have done. We wish you a great Day. Keep inspiring everyone!

Here are some words that some of our team members had to say to Youssra on her birthday:


We are truly lucky to have you as a manager. I have been working in many places, but I have not seen a dedicated, organised and professional manager as you. One more thing you really made all of us feel like belonging to a second family. Thanks a million for the beautiful things you have done for us! I wish you the happiest of birthdays, enjoy it to the max! Wish you more success!

Ahmed Salama, academies head coach.


Happy birthday for a role model am learning a lot from... keep moving and inspiring people.

Mostafa Saeed, Academy Coach


*First Team athletes

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays filled with love, passion and success.

Sameera Albitar



Thank you Youssra for being a superb role model for all athletes and spreading hope in every place. Keep it up and happy Birthday, Champ!


Khaled Essam



Happy Birthday Coach Youssra! I wish you a wonderful day, I hold deep respect for you despite the short time I've known you for. You are such a great inspiration for all the people around you.


Mohamed Khaled



*Academy Athletes


 Happy birthday mama,I love you and I appreciate every moment with you, best of luck!


Jayda Helal



Happy birthday to the one who is not only our coach, but a friend, a mother, a role model and an inspiration to us all. Thank you for the endless encouragement, love and support you've given us and thank you for making us the athletes we are today. Hope you have an amazing 21st birthday Coach Yousra ;)


Laila El Sarky



Happy birthday to not only my coach! But to someone who's more like family! You've been there for me through tough times and easy fun times! I owe you big time and I wanted to give a huge thank you for all your efforts and love that you provided me! I hope that I'll always try to make u happy with me and give out my maximum efforts to please you. Thank you so much and again, happy birthday to the best coach out there!❤Love you!❤


Yassin Afifi



Happy birthday coach Youssra💓💓 Thank you for always being there and helping us💕 we wouldn't be where we are now without your help and your coaching💞 I hope you enjoy your birthday💗💗


Yasmine Wagdy



Thank u Tunt Youssra for everything that you have done for me. You have always cared for me and taught me to be a great athlete and person. You are a role model for me and you are honestly so strong. Thank u again


Kenzi Sadek



Happy Birthday Coach Youssra!! On behalf of me and the rest of the team I would like to thank you for all the hard work you have put into making us the athletes we are today! Many of the events we have attended wouldn't have been possible without you organising them for us... and for that we thank you!


Thank You so much and have a wonderful birthday!


Kamel Abdin



After all these years of being there for everyone else, and making sure that we're always happy, use today as a vacation from all that and think about nothing but yourself. I'll always enjoy having others think that you're my sister. So, enjoy every moment of your birthday and wait until tomorrow to realise that you've gotten older. Happy birthday mom! I love you.. you will eat cake.


Jomana Helal

(by Ahmed Salama, Academy Head Coach)

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