Alameda Healthcare is Egypt’s leading private healthcare Group with rapidly growing activities that include hospitals, outpatient clinics, diagnostic centres, medical laboratories, rehabilitation centres and pharmacies.


As the title sponsor of the team, Alameda Healthcare have been the main driver behind our growth and success from the inception of the idea, to its creation and development. As the team is now in its fourth year, Alameda Tri Team sees the relationship with Alameda Healthcare as an invaluable one. In addition to helping with the actual creation of the Team, Alameda Healthcare's involvement meant that the Team has been able to grow its reach and develop our community projects, which is something we are all very proud of.

Alameda Tri Team have been happy to support Alameda Healthcare over the past three years with some promotions, such as involvement in the Arab and African Championships in Sharm El-Sheikh, or having our Team ambassadors attend some events of Alameda Healthcare to encourage staff. Also, some of our athletes who are based in Egypt have benefited from the amazing service of some of Alameda Healthcare's subsidiaries.

The fact that Alameda Healthcare's vision is to promote a healthy lifestyle rather than just treat ailments in their hospitals makes their involvement with Alameda Tri Team a great one!


Alameda Tri Team has so far been able to exist and able to grow, mostly due to Alameda Healthcare's phenomenal support over the years.

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Alameda Healthcare

Alameda Healthcare present at the largest international triathlon in Egypt, 2015