Launched in January 2015, Alameda Triathlon Team is one of only a handful of professional triathlon teams worldwide.

Alameda Triathlon Team was established with two primary goals:

1. Develop Arab talent into future Olympic and World champions. To achieve this goal we must:

  • Assure the best coaching

  • Provide the best equipment & facilities

  • Offer guidance of the world’s best triathletes

2. Promote the sport of triathlon across the Arab region. This requires that we:

  • Run promotional events in schools and other locations around the Arab region.

  • Generate media coverage for our Elite Team and our development programmes.

The Team structure is as follows:

Elite team:

Alameda Tri Team has some of the top triathletes in the world, including 2 Olympians, 1 Paralympian medallist, and top Irish triathlete.

The main role of the elite triathletes is to mentor the young athletes on the team.

First Team:

Alameda Tri Team identifies the best potential talent from across the Arab region and provides them with all their needs in order to develop their skills and, hopefully, see them become great champions on the world stage. The First Team is coached by top world renowned coach, double Olympian and world champion, Michelle Dillon.


Alameda Triathlon Academy provides the professional platform for young people to make the right start in the sport of triathlon, taking them from absolute beginners to great triathletes. Academy participants are constantly evaluated, and those who possess the talent and have the right competitive and dedicated characteristics can move up to our First Team.



We strive for more than elite success. We aim to inspire and enable the growth of triathlon and the universal benefits of improved health through sport participation.


Core to everything we do are four guiding values.

  • Health – Good health through an active lifestyle is essential to good quality of life.

  • Positivity – Whether in sport, business, or life, we take a positive outlook on all challenges we encounter.

  • Inclusivity – People of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, nationalities, and abilities are welcome and encouraged to participate in any of our programmes.

  • Growth – We constantly aim to grow and improve, both as individuals and as a Team/Club.

What is triathlon?

Triathlon is an Olympic sport which starts with a swim, followed by a bike ride and ends with a run. You race against the clock starts with the swim and stops when you cross the finish line after the run.


There are different race distances:

  • Super Sprint: swim 350m, bike 10km, run 2.5km

  • Sprint: swim 750m, bike 20km, run 5km

  • Standard (or Olympic): swim 1.5km, bike 40km, run 10km

  • Middle Distance (half Ironman or 70.3): swim 1.9km, bike 90km, run 21.1km

  • Long Distance (Ironman or 140.6): swim 3.8km, bike 180km, run 42.2km


There are also variations of this sport called duathlon (run, cycle, run) and aquathlon (swim, run).

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